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with Ainslie Young


Does This Sound Familiar?


  • You absolutely love your work, you help your clients achieve incredible results (because you’re fabulous at what you do!) but you’re not exactly booked out and your cash flow isn’t consistent,

  • You work hard and you feel like you do #allthethings you’ve been taught in the many online business and marketing courses you’ve completed but the ‘5 Steps to Success’ just doesn’t seem to be working for you + your physical and mental health are suffering (pssst - you’re not alone and there is another way!).

  • You see other people in your field who express their work beautifully, their marketing seems effortless and they have no issue when it comes to being visible and shining their light, but for you, the whole marketing and sales process feels like too much work, or it’s completely overwhelming and you don’t know where to start,

  • Or maybe you’ve made some progress working with your feminine energy, but you intuitively know that you need some healthy masculine structures and strategies to achieve the wild and wonderous business success you desire. 


Then The Feminine Business Mastermind is for You!

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The Feminine Business Mastermind

You desire expansion, elevation and pleasure.

You desire your business to flourish with ease.

You desire to consistently magnetise dream clients.

You desire to make the impact on the world you just know you’re here to make.
If doing business just feels hard right now (and far from pleasurable or profitable), BUT you’re committed to finding another way to welcome in more pleasure, prosperity and freedom in your business…

Then The Feminine Business Mastermind is for you

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